Now available, A book of Practical Exercises for Pro Tools that lead to Virtuoso Music Production Proficiency.

We have been using digital recording technology since the introduction of the Synclavier in the mid-70s. Our studio, Studio A Recording in Detroit, has been very successful utilizing Pro Tools as its primary recording system since 1997. As an Avid certified Pro Tools expert, I have been teaching certified Pro Tools classes since 2005. What I’ve noticed after teaching many classes is that virtually all of our students ask where they can get additional practice using Pro Tools for multi-track music creation, editing, mixing, mastering and processing of audio.

It is in response to these requests that I decided to write the book, Practical Exercises For Pro Tools”. More than simply a book of instruction, Practical Exercises For Pro Tools” is a series of step-by-step exercises that demonstrate through real-world examples sophisticated music production workflows in use by the top professional engineers and producers today.

If you’d like to elevate your Pro Tools skills to the very highest level in the quickest time, check out Practical Exercises For Pro Tools” at

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